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1st time with SW

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I am taking my 1st flight with SW and bringing my 13yo daughter and it will be her very 1st flight ever. I am starting to get a little paranoid about being able to sit with her and I did purchase the early bird check in. I have no issue sitting in a center seat but absolutely do not want her sitting with a stranger. I am getting paranoid now that we are getting closer to the flight so I guess I just need to know what my chances are of us not getting to sit together. She is a minor but too old for me to board during the family boarding. 


Re: 1st time with SW

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Are your flights booked together on the same reservation?  If they are, you will board together, and if you purchased Early Bird, I feel extrememly confident that you will have no issues getting seats together!

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Re: 1st time with SW

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@Amsta0622 I have also felt uneasy about not sitting with my children on a flight. I luckily have always lucked out and avoided that situation. As @elijahbrantley said, Early Bird is an option, but if you are diligent with checking in for your flight 24 hours ahead of time, your chances of sitting together are higher.


On a side note, I have been on flights where parents have been separated from their kids. Many times strangers who notice this situation will volunteer to change their seats so that they can sit together. It’s great to know that there are definitely good people out there! 


Have a great flight! 

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