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2 bages and a cello

Explorer C

Hello! I am moving and flying with as much baggage as I can schlep through an airport. I am also dragging my cello along for the ride. The only info I can find says you can check 2 bags per person. I am trying to find out if I will be able to check 2 suitcases and the cello since it is too big to take as a carry on. Thus resulting in 3 checked items. Does anyone know if this will be allowed? Thank you!!


Re: 2 bages and a cello

Aviator A

As someone who is constantly around cellos and cello players the one major tip I'll give you DON'T CHECK A CELLO!

Double underline, super exclamation point... DON'T DO IT!


Seriously, go to the Internet Cello Society group on Facebook for more information.  You should be able to purchase a ticket for the cello, but results are a mixed bag.  Check out the Facebook group for more info.



Re: 2 bages and a cello

Frequent Flyer B

Mom of a former Juilliard student...


Definitely what THEMIDDLESEAT said!!  Do NOT check it. 


Buy it a nice middle seat.  If you really want to protect it, put it at the window (depending on the case) and you take the middle.