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4 people with A-15 boarding number

Explorer C

I made the mistake of booking another flight with Southwest to Chicago this morning I had A-21 which is ok but there were 7 people in wheel chairs to preboard. And also there was a big group that wanted to upgrade there tickets A1-15 so in good old Southwest fashion they took all the peoples money and gave out double and triple boarding numbers to people!! This airline S—KC s so much if you are a business flyer and you fly this airline there is something very wrong with you when you can fly other airlines and get better treated for your time and loyalty!!!!!!!!!


Re: 4 people with A-15 boarding number

Explorer C

so, you had no question, just wanted to vent...

Re: 4 people with A-15 boarding number

Aviator A

You are saying that they gave out A-15 and then gave out additional A-15 boarding passes so there were multiples?


Did you see the boarding passes, or just that an excess number of people boarded in the A1-A15 slots?



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