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Re: $50 Early Bird & Got B1?

Adventurer B

I normally travel on Southwest around ten times a year for the past several years (excluding the craziness of last year)....


I always buy Early Bird just so I do not have to wake up super early do check-in.


I can tell you that my number are USUALLY in the highest of As... occasionally low Bs.


That's just my common experience.

Re: $50 Early Bird & Got B1?

Aviator A

@buddro wrote:

Is this normal? 

Yes it is.



Re: $50 Early Bird & Got B1?

Explorer C

The early bird option is watered down by how many other are ALSO using it. 
if 90% of people are using it, your benefits are only better than those that didn’t buy it. 
Im lucky ( silver lining) I have epilepsy and can lash out if I have an episode.

Southwest has a policy that you may elect to purchase an extra seat at full price.

This extra seat is listed as XS where your middle name should be.

Your boarding passes will have 1 with your name, and 1 that says Seat reserved.

I am allowed to board second , after the wheelchairs. This is to ensure I am able to get a pair of seats together. If I travel with my wife, she is allowed to board with me.

so… of a 3 seat block, I’m 1, middle is open, with seat reserved on the seat, and wife has other seat. 
the best part…

”Upon completely your journey, the customer may call Southwest and have the Fare paid for the extra seat refunded in full.” No credits, no passes, full refund. 
They value the safety of the other passengers, that instead of requesting an additional seat at check in, and possibly bumping someone off the flight, they would rather know ahead of time, and offer the refund as a thank you.