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A List 2023

Explorer C

My company, like many others, cut travel in 2022 by ~60%.  For those who have been A List for many years back-to-back, will Southwest consider lowering the qualifying number of one-way flights to achieve A List status in 2023?  


Re: A List 2023

Aviator A

They did during the peak of covid, but did not for 2022 so it's very doubtful any future reduction will occur. They actually just increased the points required for Companion Pass in 2023, another sign that reductions are very unlikely. 



Re: A List 2023

Aviator A

Doubtful, considering they lowered the requirements to 15 flights (not 25) in both 2020 and 2021. The normal requirements are this year and in years going forward.



Re: A List 2023

Aviator A

The one thing Southwest did do this year is allowed points bookings to count towards A List for several months but as others have said I don’t think a boost will happen this year. 

now could they give those who didn’t earn A List this year that has had it previously a targeted offer in the new year maybe I would keep checking the promotions in your account on the full website (you might even check now in case a promotion is there)