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A List Boarding Benefits

Explorer C

How does being an A-Lister benefit me during boarding. I could have sworn an SWA employee told me once that I do not have to get in line according to my boarding pass number. Is that the case?



Re: A List Boarding Benefits

Aviator A

A list gives you a better boarding position - that’s it.


you still have to stand in line at your spot - or you could do what I do - sit near the boarding lines and jump in to line as my line starts moving.


edit add: there is a time when you don’t have to take your assigned boarding position.

if you happen to get a B or C boarding position, you are allowed to board right afterA60 does.

Re: A List Boarding Benefits

Frequent Flyer A

to add on,  anytime you book late or change flights on short notice (after the boarding positions have been assigned), you can board after the "A's" and before the "family" boarding.