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A List Boarding Benefits

New Arrival

How does being an A-Lister benefit me during boarding. I could have sworn an SWA employee told me once that I do not have to get in line according to my boarding pass number. Is that the case?



Re: A List Boarding Benefits

Top Contributor

A list gives you a better boarding position - that’s it.


you still have to stand in line at your spot - or you could do what I do - sit near the boarding lines and jump in to line as my line starts moving.


edit add: there is a time when you don’t have to take your assigned boarding position.

if you happen to get a B or C boarding position, you are allowed to board right afterA60 does.

Re: A List Boarding Benefits

Active Member

to add on,  anytime you book late or change flights on short notice (after the boarding positions have been assigned), you can board after the "A's" and before the "family" boarding.