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A List - Starting Over in 2022 ?

New Arrival

I've been grounded since COVID hit but travel returns for me in 2022.  It's upsetting to think that I need to start over again to qualify for A List after enjoying those benefits for the past 9 years. 


Do I really want to board with the C group 25 times in the new year?  Ugh!


Re: A List - Starting Over in 2022 ?

Active Member

You still have a seat on the plane.  😀  Check in at the correct time and you most likely will not be in the C boarding group.  I've never once received C boarding.  

Re: A List - Starting Over in 2022 ?

Top Contributor

It's not THAT bad.


If you are diligent about checking in EXACTLY 24 hours before boarding time, you'll get a bunch of B boarding passes, mixed with a few As and, yes, some Cs.


Then again, there is always Early Bird.


Welcome back to the skies.

Re: A List - Starting Over in 2022 ?

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Well if you have flown 0 flights so far this year you only need 15 so if you take a RT a week for the rest of the year you can keep your status. Might need 2 one week but with some of the $49 fares out there it wouldn't be too expensive or as others mentioned you could buy EB check in to help try and avoid C passes next year until you re earn the A List status. 


For me it looks like I will be 2 short of A List preferred so this weekend I'm taking a day trip to earn the ALP $39 each way 



Re: A List - Starting Over in 2022 ?

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I have never been A-List in my life (until right now / next year! Huzzah!) and I am never in the Cs ... ever ... lol



Re: A List - Starting Over in 2022 ?

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Check your email and on for a promotional offer - flying one RT to regain your old status.


You might need to go on a joy ride, the timing was in November I believe.



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