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A first...

Aviator A

Never seen one of these before...4FA81519-4D85-43A0-843F-95E967619F04.jpeg


I guess it curbs the all-too-common question of, “Are we full?”


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: A first...

Aviator A

Well, that's a new one for me.


I presume 85% is the % of sold seats -- not counting standbys.


WiFi Yes - well since all planes are supposed to have wifi, I guess it's not needed -- unless it means that it is working  🙂

Re: A first...

Aviator A

Never seen that before although I think it's a good idea. Now I wonder how many people still asked if the flight is full even when seeing that board 

Re: A first...

Adventurer C

I am about 50% lately for SWA Wi-Fi. That info is useful!

Re: A first...

Aviator A

Unfortunately, all planes do not have wifi anymore.


That plateau was reached (and much touted) some time ago. Then a 2nd internet service provider was brought in, but then that basically fell apart, leaving some planes now without wifi at all, and some with the hardware installed but unable to actually use it (until it's replaced with new hardware from the old provider). It's kind of a mess, really.




More info:


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