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Adding boarding pass to Apple Wallet

Explorer C

For the past year, I have not been able to load my boarding pass from my SW app to my Apple Wallet on my iPhone 11. It comes back with a non-descriptive error message. My wife has an iPhone 12 and it works fine for her. Both my wife and I have Verizon service and my iPhone iOS is up to date. I've had this problem across several iOS updates, so I don't think it's an operating system issue. Boarding passes for other airlines work fine. Is there any security setting, unique to the SW app that would prevent the transfer to Apple Wallet? 


Re: Adding boarding pass to Apple Wallet

Aviator A

There was a thread on this topic recently that mentioned possible issues caused by having ad blockers installed.  I think it provided a way to whitelist the vendor Southwest uses for the add to wallet function, but I cannot currently find the post.  If possible, try disabling your ad blocker app and see if that helps.  I've reached out to someone about the original post so hopefully the specific item that needs to be whitelisted can be found.



Re: Adding boarding pass to Apple Wallet


Hey there! I was able to locate the post you were referring to @TheMiddleSeat ! It looks like it was erroneously reported as spam.  


You can access the information TheMiddleSeat was referencing here: Re: Add boarding pass to Apple Wallet button does nothing