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An itinerary

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We are scheduled to arrive at Asiana airlines OZ236. at 18:20 at the chicago O'hare airport on May 31. And, Southwest Airlines flight 363 at 20:50 midway airport to Orlando. Our family has only two and half hours, and we have to go through all the formalities during this time. Can you help me in southwest airlines? Or l'd appreciate it if you could tell me how to do it. What time should we arrive at the airport by at least? My confirmation number is LXJB6W. I look forward to your kind reply.


Re: An itinerary

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2.5 hours to get from ohare to midway should be enough time if you are on time and didn't had to go through customs but since you will have to go through customs if coming from out of country 2.5 hours is very risky and may not be enough time especially since you will have to get a cab or shuttle to go from one airport to the other and you won't know if your 1st flight is delayed until day of. 


personally if I had to book a flight requiring an airport change I would allow at least 4 hours that way I can collect my bag if I checked one get a cab and allows for traffic then re check my bag at the new airport and go through security while allowing for a small flight delay. 


If you are needing a copy of your flight confirmation you can call southwest at 800-435-9792 and they can re send it. 


Another important note if you do miss your southwest flight without canceling 10min prior you will be considered a no show and they would cancel any other reservations on that confirmation number including the return where the WGA fare was purchased (just a heads up on that) 


for your protection can you please edit your post to remove your confirmation number.


hope this helps


Re: An itinerary

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For non-residents, O'Hare Customs can take a long time to clear. I was traveling with a Ukrainian citizen the last time I went through O'Hare Customs and it took us 2 1/2 hours to get through.

Then, depending on traffic, it may take you over an hour to get from O'Hare to Midway.

If I had a tight connect similar to yours, I would definitely make a backup plan (book a later Southwest flight or consider staying overnight in a hotel and leaving the next morning). You may very well make the connection but don't leave yourself without an option in the event that you don't.

Good luck!