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Antiseptic wipes

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Since my work travel has recently increased, I find myself sick more often from the frequent flights.  I wish the planes would mount a dispenser on the wall, so people can grab an antiseptic wipe as they board.  That way the seats, trays and buckles are getting wiped down and disinfected far more often than they would normally (which is probably never?). It would cut way down on passengers picking up viruses from previous guests.  Even if only a percentage of the customers used them on each flight, at least some of the plane is getting cleaned at every turn.  It would help the flight attendants too by keeping the plane cleaner!

What made me think of it is that when I carry a packet of wipes, my seat mates are always asking for one, so there is a demand and need!  It would show that SW cares about our health!   


Re: Antiseptic wipes

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Good suggestion! You should make it directly to the airline as opposed to here where customers gather to discuss various things.


To contact the airline, click on "contact us" and then pick your desird contact method from those listed on the top left of the ensuing page.  I would suggest e-mail.

Re: Antiseptic wipes

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While this is a worthwhile suggestion, I think there are two types of people who fly:


1. Those who are germophobes who pretty much sanitize every square inch of their seating area including the seats, armrests, tray tables, etc.


2. Those who don’t give a rip.


The first group of folks typically board already armed with bleach wipes, masks, latex gloves and assorted other amenities. 


The second group of folks, well, nope. Hang out in an airport bathroom for ten minutes and watch how many people “pee and flee” without washing their hands and it’s pretty apparent that general concern for the health of others, or themselves, is not a priority. 


i doubt SWA is going to invest the dollars to add wipes to all aircraft to supply what amounts to a minuscule percentage of passengers who ardently care about the issue. Further, while contact points are certainly places for germs/bacteria to reside (and even multiply), the airborne contaminants on a plane are likely more problematic, particularly for those with weaker immune systems. Short of asking passengers to avoid coughing or breathing, the cooties in the air won’t be going away anytime soon.


I completely understand the value of personal responsibility for hygiene and cleanliness in regard to healthy travel and I affirm those who seek to create better environments. However, most decisions are profit-driven these days. Good luck as you pitch this to SWA management.



Re: Antiseptic wipes

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It's probably a key difference that the people ask when you offer them at the seats vs taking one at the front while still carrying their luggage.


I think the best recommendation is to continue protect your self, and if you are willing to share with your seat mates if you are willing.



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