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How do I get a wheelchair for my mom and get assistance 


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Ask the agent at the baggage drop and check in.

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You can let Southwest know you need wheelchair assistance when you make your reservation, anytime before the flight, or, as previously mentioned, you can also inform them at check-in.

You can find more information about assistance at the airport here:


From that page, here is information about notifying Southwest in advance:

How to give notice when booking a new reservation: 

  • On the Passenger & Payment Info page, click the Special Assistance link. 
  • Select relevant options. 
  • Scroll down to complete your reservation. 

How to add notice to an existing reservation: 

  • From any page on®, click the link FLIGHT | HOTEL | CAR | VACATIONS. 
  • Under Flight, select Manage Reservations. 
  • Input the requested information—confirmation number, first name, last name—and click Search. 
  • Under the Passenger’s name, click the Special Assistance link. 
  • Select relevant options.
  • Click Update Information. 



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Just to add on to what's said - once you arrive at the airport, print your boarding pass, and assuming you indicated a need for special assistance (wheelchair), you will see it pop up on your boarding pass. If you want someone to push the chair for your mom, you can go to the "Mobility Assistance Area" near the check-in counter, show them your boarding pass, and a wheelchair pusher will meet you and take you to the gate. If you would rather push the chair for your mom, you can do that, too.* You can also preboard.


*You're free to push the chair around the airport, but when it comes time to board your flight, a Southwest representative will have to push the wheelchair down the jetbridge for you (just out of caution since the jetbridge acts like a ramp).