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Baggage Damage Blamed on Customer

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Let's just start off with the good. I've flown on Southwest over many years now and have never had a problem. They are my prefer airline. However this week was the first time I've had a problem with them. One of my luggage was damaged when I flew into Hawaii. I went to file a complaint right away and they pretty much denied it right at the spot. They instead did a courtesy damage incident report. That wasn't the worst part, the staff who submitted the report was blaming us for the luggage damage saying it was because the way we packed it and the type of luggage we bought? Does that even make sense. This isn't our first time packing a luggage, we've flown many times and this luggage was only half full. Our other luggage which is of the same type and packed the same way had no damages. This one in particular had several dents in it, several scraps, and the seam of the zipper was torn across the top. It looked like it got stuck on some type of machinery and dented our luggage everywhere. What does packing our luggage have to do with all the dents and scraps on our luggage? Anyone can tell that the dent right above the zipper is what caused the seam to rip apart when it was crushed by something. But instead of apologizing and making things right...they blame us because of type of luggage we bought and how we packed it without even opening up our luggage to see that it was only half full. Terrible customer service. 



Re: Baggage Damage Blamed on Customer

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Southwest has this to say in it's contract of carriage about damaged baggage :  "Normal Wear and Defects. Carrier assumes no responsibility and will not be liable for
loss or damage arising from normal wear and tear, such as cuts, scratches, scuffs,
stains, dents, punctures, marks, and dirt. Furthermore, Carrier assumes no liability for
defects in Baggage manufacture."


If the luggage was damaged to such a degree that it is no longer usable

 then, IMO, the damage is beyond normal wear and tear.


You should e-mail the airline and explain what happened and ask to be reimbursed.

Be sure to include the baggage incident report number you referenced.  To proceed click on "contact us" below