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Baggage doesn’t show up under confirmation number

Explorer C



We were canceled out of midway to Houston Hobby on 12/23, we went through 7 flights so unfortunately through all the “just trying to get home” the checked bag tickets are gone.


Finally ended up in hobby (yay!) and they are only showing two checked bags for my confirmation numbers. (We have three) Luckily they did give the two bags. 

The problem now is my fiancé who is also on this trip had a check bag also. There’s nothing showing up on southwests end that this bag is real. We checked it in to Midway and it has a tag with her name on it.


We know this isn’t a common problem any help welcomed !



Re: Baggage doesn’t show up under confirmation number

Aviator A

Without the claim tag from check-in I'm not sure how you'll find it if Southwest doesn't have record of it.