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Explorer C

My family loves to flight Southwest. I mostly travel by car, by I decided to take a flight for the holidays.

I was dissapointed when my baggage was slightly overweight and I was prevented/discouraged by the check-in employee to take few things from my bag before to be checked-in and put few items in a regular bag to carry on the plane, that is, that would have been my carry-on luggage.

The unexpected charge of $75 was totally unnecessary since I could have taken two jackets and my laptop to avoid that charge. I understand that the holiday season is exhausting for everyone, however, in this particular case there was about two hours before boarding so to allow less than 1 minute for this quick unload of luggage would not have been a problem.

I waited few hours due to delays  on 12/23, and again another delay on 12/27, so I will surely appreciate to be treated with consideration to avoid unexpected and unnecessary charges.

A refund would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Baggage

Aviator A

Sorry to hear you are disappointed in the oversized bag policy that caused you to pay $75. I’m not sure why the agent would discourage you from taking out a couple items to put in your carry on to avoid the fee. I think in this case I would have just stepped out of line do the adjustments to get the bag below the 50lbs and get back in line and try to check the bag again within the 50lbs to avoid the fee. 


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