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Bicycles not welcome!

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I have an upcoming flight in late October, and just learned this morning that Southwest has changed there dimension limitation restrictions for transporting a bicycle. I have had the same hard shell bicycle suitcase for the better part of thirty years, and have never had any issues about checking it in. Turns out that Southwest has reduced the size of the limit allowed to 80 inches maximum. 


A hard shell bicycle case measures in at 85 inches, and for those of you who are unaware, these cases are one size only. I have also in the past flown into one destination and out from another which for that packed the bike in a cardboard box designed for bicycles that measure in much larger than the hard shell case, and never had a problem checking that in either. 


What has me scratching my head even more is your can check in a ten foot kayak or surfboard with no weight or size restrictions, so some one tell me how that is fair.


Bottom line to Southwest, if you don't want to make the maximum dimensions big enough for us cyclists to bring our bicycle along, and let's not forget the extra seventy dollars you charge us for be over sized, then it should just read in your baggage restrictions, 

bicycles not welcome!


Re: Bicycles not welcome!

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Yeah, it's been mentioned previously that the bicycle policy is less than ideal.  Since we're customers like you and no one here has any ability to change anything your best is to submit your comments directly to Southwest so those that can make changes are aware of your thoughts.


Go to Contact Us at the bottom of this page and use the send a message option.



Re: Bicycles not welcome!

New Arrival

Thanks for the tip, I will Email them directly. Cyclists need to be aware of this change because like I mentioned no bicycle box, hard shell or cardboard is within there new size requirement. 


Just read about a couple that arrived for there flight with the same boxes they used on a flight in May and were turned away by Southwest, and I would hate to see this happen to anyone else, that is why I posted on this community site.