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Boarding Issues

Explorer C

My 4 year old and I flew out of Houston on flight 3564 yesterday. He was getting tired, so I asked the customer service people at the desk to help me upgrade my boarding assignment. My son had A29 and I had C49 due to tickets being booked separetely, mine was through work.


The customer service people said that if I paid $40, both my son and I could board with A5, so I acepted and paid. At the gate the lady said my 4 year old couldn't board and asked that he went back to A29. She really sent a 4 year old to stand in line by himself. After I said that no to her non-sense request, she said go talk to the customer service desk and insinuated that I was trying to cheat the system. She has no common sense, compassion and lacks professionalism. She seemed like the people who have never been in a position of power in their lives and this was her chance to. I feel sorry for her, but frustrated that Southwest have employees at the same location giving contradicting information. 


The customer service desk people said that she should've let me board and sent me back to the line. I missed all A boarding and was the first person to board with the family group. Needless to say, I feel  scammed and robbed of my $40 and now I had an even more tired child to deal with on the plane, thanks to Southwest rudest customer service. Never again! And I am posting this in every baord to warn parents of your poor customer service I experienced. If I would've been told to pay for my son, I would have. Now I want my $40 refunded!


Re: Boarding Issues

Aviator A

I'm sorry you had to experience this issue yesterday!


please call customer relations at 855-234-4654 and someone there can discusss this issue with you there.


happy travels


Re: Boarding Issues

Explorer C
Sure seems like Houston is not the best when it comes to customer service for southwest!

Re: Boarding Issues

Retired Community Manager

Hi @gloriamr,


We're typically known for being a warm and friendly airline, especially when it comes to family travel. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience and the conflicting information that you received. If you're traveling with your son in the future, the best approach would be to take advantage of our Family Boarding (which, I understand is what you ended up doing in this situation). 


Please reach out to our Customer Relations Department so they can help you out with a refund. The number is 1-855-234-4654.


Re: Boarding Issues

Explorer C

the agent should have told her this instead of selling her a $40 upgrade. both could have boarded after the A group with no extra charge. Her money should be refunded.

Re: Boarding Issues

Aviator A

I hope there wasn't a miscommunication on the issue, what should have happened was for you to take your A5 position and board together with your son at A29.


That is probably what the desk person intended when they sold you only one upgrade, and which would have been 31 positions better than family boarding (included in ticket price)...


My concern with your specific situation is that certainly what the gate agent should have suggested if you showed her both boarding passes, for them to send you back to the desk was not correct when the obvious suggestion was to get back in line at A29 for both of you.

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Re: Boarding Issues

Aviator C

You qualified for family boarding since you had a child under the age of 7.  You should have paid attention to the boarding announcements, which apparently you did not.


While Southwest could have done better, you started this whole chain of events by not listening to the boarding announcements.