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Boarding Process from a connecting flight

New Arrival

On Monday, April 10th I was flying from Pensacola flight #35 to Chicago with a connecting flight in Tennessee on flight #37. My original flight was awesome, as the staff on both ends boarding and during the flight maintained the type of service I’ve always received when flying with southwest for business/leisure.


However I was extremely disappointed in the customer service level from the boarding attendant whose badge read the name of HEIDI. She was very rude upon boarding specifically, since I had my laptop bag out of my carry on (assuming I had time to do a few emails before we left) which I have done in the past. She told me to step aside and put the bag in the carry on before boarding the plane because we are limited to 2 bags per person. Now I totally understand the policy but if I was able to carry my laptop on flight #35 and work, before takeoff and during ….why was it a problem when I had to connect to flight #37.


It’s not what you say when performing  customer service, it’s HOW YOU SAY IT… for her to stop the entry line until I put my laptop bag in the carry on (which I was going to take back out after getting a seat) made absolutely no sense. So my colleagues who was traveling with me, took the laptop bag as his carry on and she sarcastically said you can now board.


First off I do not appreciate paying to received RUDE customer service. If she was having a bad day, she needed to let her supervisor know that she shouldn’t be working with people on that particular day.  I have several choices to travel especially with work, and choose Southwest because I’ve always received great customer service, but if I have to prepare myself to deal with individuals who have the rude characteristics that HEIDI from the Tennessee area enjoyed displaying, I think I’ll take my corporate and personal dollars somewhere else.




Re: Boarding Process from a connecting flight

Retired Community Manager

Hi @Tammy5137811,


Thank you for posting in the Southwest Community. I wish a better experience had prompted you to come here, but we value all the feedback we receive, both the good and the bad. 


You're right, you have many choices when you fly, and we don't take it lightly that you've chosen us. Fortunately, negative Customer Service experiences are the exception, not the rule, at Southwest Airlines. Our Employees and our Culture are known for Hospitality, and I'm sorry we fell short when you traveled with us Monday. I'm confident that your next experience with us will be more consistent with the friendly airline you've come to know and expect. 


Looking forward to serving you again soon,