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Boarding at Gate

Explorer C

I was at the Airport as always advised 2 hours before departure Arrived at San Diego Airport checked in got a wheelchair and was whizzed away, Gave the nice man a tip. Now I'm waiting for Boarding time I see the employee is going towards White man  #1 in Wheelchair so after he goes down the ramp I go stand at the check-in spot as I'm asking this RUDE JERK a question he says excuse me and keeps going I try to say excuse me to him to get his attention but he kept going then I replied do I need to get back in my chair for you to place me on the plane he comes back with you can if you like WTF so then when he came back from taking down the second WHITE man I was there standing then he decides to check me in.

 This is 2021 dont act like I'm not there because you are trying to get white handicapped folks on the plane. After all, I'm Black handicapped, might not appear that way but have a doctor's note to prove it. Nevertheless, the same crap happens to me departing out of Austin by the check-in person not getting me a wheelchair and SOUTHWEST has a 90 day get back to you policy that's not acceptable but if I dont get a reply soon I will report them to the Disability act and see who I can contact on the races employees at and I'm not waiting 90 days.


Re: Boarding at Gate

Aviator A

I'm having a hard time determining what is going on, but it seems that it is probably something you discuss directly with Southwest.  Since this is a customer to customer forum your best bet is to Contact Customer Relations or speak with a supervisor at the airport.



Re: Boarding at Gate


@Cooley22 Demonstrating a biased, hurtful attitude is not condoned at Southwest Airlines.  Indeed, discrimination for any reason is wrong.  Our Company could not survive if we believed otherwise.  In fact, a cursory view of our workforce, as well as our expansive, multi-cultural Customer base, is a reliable indicator that we exalt and appreciate diversity.  And, it is in this spirit that we apologize for having left you questioning our Employee’s motives. 


As a Customer to Customer support forum, we are not equipped to assist you here, but we encourage you to Contact Customer Relations for assistance. Thank you.

Community Manager