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Boarding in SFO

Explorer C

I’m disappointed in the gate agent and flight attendants for SWA Flight #2315 for allowing a group of Girl Scouts to board the plane before the A group with the understanding that they would sit in the back of the plane. My GS troop got A boarding passes and followed the rules. When we boarded, they were all sitting in the front of the plane. Shame on those Girl Scouts for not living up to the GS law and shame on the gate agent and flight attendant for no enforcing the agreement! You mind as well not recite your ridiculous rules if you aren’t going to follow them!


Re: Boarding in SFO

Aviator C

Like I have indicated in many posts, gate agents do not follow policy.  I would suggest a photo or video of the event and contact Southwest, request a partial refund due to your boarding position being knowingly compromised.


All of the regular posts about boarding agents tells me that they really don't care.  The only way to impact change is for Southwest to start refunding customers whose interests are compromised.


Report the incident to Southwest through the "contact us" link.

Re: Boarding in SFO

Explorer C





The next time a gate agent does this, put the muscle on them.




















Artanis, SW stockholder out of TUS