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Boarding question

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Hi all,

I'm going to be traveling soon with my 2 children and recently had reconstructive surgery on my ankle. I have a cast on my leg up to my knee and a knee roller. I've never flown with an injury before so not sure what the procedure I allowed to board with my knee roller or do I check it and bring my crutches instead? I called Southwest to ask but I was on hold and had to hang up so I thought I'd ask in here. Thanks!


Re: Boarding question

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Perhaps a better option than waiting on hold, you could ask the question via the live chat function in the Southwest app or via private message on Twitter (@SouthwestAir). It would be great if you could reply here when you do get an answer. 



Re: Boarding question

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Agree with @TheMiddleSeat.


My assumption (pls confirm) is that if you use your roller, you could check it at the end of the jet bridge like a stroller. 

The other option would be to use crutches, like you said.


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