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Boarding tip

Explorer C
Due to the current situation might be a good idea when doing the boarding announcement to encourage passengers to provide at least 6 feet distance from other passengers. I flew from Dallas to Houston today and although there were only 26 passengers a group tended to bunch up in a small cluster waiting to board.

Re: Boarding tip

Aviator A

Good suggestion.


However, since this is a customer to customer forum, the airline may not hear it here.


Here's how you can give Southwest your suggestion:

Re: Boarding tip

Adventurer A

Given that there were only 26 passengers on that flight, I wonder: did they all receive an "A" boarding group?


Normally, Southwest's boarding process requires forming a line next to those posts/markers* that are located right outside the boarding gate. Unless the boarding process has changed very recently, I don't see how passengers can keep 6 feet from each other without losing their boarding position.


I suppose one possible solution is to stay a safe distance away from the group of boarding passengers, and then board last. If the plane is lightly booked, there should still be plenty of seats to choose from.


*- By the way: does anyone know how far apart those posts/markers are?

Re: Boarding tip

Aviator C

The boarding process has been revised in my experience to be a single line, 6 ft. apart, no order.   With enough seats for everyone to get their own row, with space in between, boarding order isn't an issue.