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Boarding with kids

Explorer C

We are scheduled to fly out of Pittsburgh in 2 weeks for my 13 year old sons Make a Wish trip to Florida. I understand that 13 is definitely too old to be considered family boarding but is there anything else I can do to ensure that I am able to sit with both of my kids on the flight? Neither one has ever flown before and they are both really anxious about it. It is his make a wish trip after just finishing treatment for cancer and I don't want to start the trip by him being anxious his entire flight to Florida


Re: Boarding with kids

Aviator A

Purchase EarlyBird Check-In for everyone. At $15 per person, per flight, it's inexpensive and good peace of mind. You may not all have consecutive boarding numbers, but you can all board together at the highest number (furthest back in line) and will certainly be able to find a row to sit together.


Hope you have a good trip! 

Re: Boarding with kids

Aviator A

Hopefully Make-A-Wish can include talking to the captain if your son is interested to do that, I hear many great stories about the captains and pilots as well as the cabin crew, hopefully you could catch them at a time where they could say hello and welcome to the flight. 

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