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Box Embargo for 2019/2020

Explorer A

SW has provided details for the winter 2019 box embargo; 11/15/2019 to 1/6/2020
Boxes and "anything without a handle" (my words but includes coolers) for these 4 airports: BZE MBJ NAS SJO


Go to the bottom of this URL:


Search this community for "box embargo" for previous tales and insights.


There is something weird, or maybe two things.

On the main SW site, a search for "box embargo" shows a link and this new text:
"Temporary Restriction on Excess/Oversized Baggage. A baggage embargo is being enacted for the below locations from November 15, 2019 through January 6, 2020"

However, if you click on their link, you go to the main baggage page which does not have that text.

You are on page
and even if you look (and click) on any of the paragraphs, checked or International, the info you want is still not shown.


You have to go upwards on the page to the tiny type line:
customerservice, baggage: Packwithcare ...
and click on 'checked baggage' then you will end up at the right spot.


So I want to kiss someone to providing the info prior to 11/15/19 when the info might migrate to their main baggage page (ticket holders are SOL but who doesn't love surprises when you arrive at the airport),

and while I had tried to get a year round caution of "approx Nov 15 yearly",
on 9/20/19 at least some progress has been made for leaving your "one way luggage" at home.


Re: Box Embargo for 2019/2020

Aviator A

Thank you for posting this information, it's a recurring discussion topic!


You are also always able to go the airport information page to see the most up to date embargo information.  This page also list additional information that is relevant for each airport Southwest serves:

Customer | Home airport DCA