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Business Select & Companion Pass

Explorer C

I booked business select seats for myself and wife(companion pass holder). Does she board in the “A” group with me?

I hope I’m wrong but it seems that’s not the case. If she doesn’t board with me then what’s the strategy to assure we are seated together.

Also, if she doesn’t board with me given I purchased business select tickets Southwest needs to hear what a crappy policy is in place.



Re: Business Select & Companion Pass

Aviator A

People who are A List and People who buy Early bird will have their companions board with them. Not so with Business Select.  It's been discussed here before, and ,yes, it makes no sense.. SW's IT folks aren't known as the best in the business, and apparently it's computer systems can't handle this one.


Everyone other than Business Select has boarding spots allocated at 36 hours before departure or when people check in. Not so with Business Select which are apparently assigned at the time tickets are bought. Apparently the computer that assigns companion boarding spots is keyed to the former group of passengers, and thus does not "see" Business Selects. My guess is that is the problem.



So, if you are A List just buy a Wanna Get Away or Anytime ticket and your spouse will board with your A List assigned boarding spot. 


If you are not A List, buy one of the cheaper fare classes and then buy Early Bird. Then your spouse will board with you.


Early Bird boarding spots are assigned in the order they are bought. So it makes sense to buy it as early as possible. Early Birds bought closer to departure date are worth a lot less, but they do allow you to avoid having to check in to get a boarding position.