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COVID 19 change from Red to Purple-Possible Lockdown

Explorer C

Orange, San Diego and La Counties have changed from a Red to a PURPLE level for COVID 19. There have been hints of an impending lockdown. Will Southwest text message travelers that are traveling on the Thanksgiving weekend whether their flight has been cancelled or to reschedule it. The Governor of California has said that all travelers should be essential workers only. 


Please advise,

Paul R. Selzer


Re: COVID 19 change from Red to Purple-Possible Lockdown

Aviator A

Southwest will not be canceling flights just because of a local covid level change, people will still be flying and there will be flights.  IF Southwest cancels your flight you should receive a text and/or email notification.  It's always best to check your flight status at  If you choose not to fly, assuming you booked a wanna get away fare, you will have travel funds good to use toward a future flight within one year of the original purchase date.  If Southwest cancels the flight you can receive travel funds or a refund back to your original form of payment.





Re: COVID 19 change from Red to Purple-Possible Lockdown

Aviator C

The same governor just sent a bunch of workers to Hawaii, and is happily dining indoors in large groups.


He has also lost in court recently so he can no longer make up rules as he goes along.


So what that means is you really need to take the "rules" with a grain of salt.  Key word there is "should".  I'll define that how I see fit.  I doubt even Gavin could define explicitly what constitutes "essential" work, and could do so fast enough to restrict next week's travel...and if he tried, he'd be sued (again) so fast his pretty little coifed head would spin and an injunction issued.

Don't worry.