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COVID Restrictions into Washington DC

New Arrival

We are going to be traveling to Washington DC and I noticed that there were some restrictions on travel.  I will be flying in on Saturday and flying back on Tuesday so it is just over the 3 days. According to the restriction I will have to get a test going and a test coming back.  I've gotten my vaccination but it has been longer then the 90days. Does anyone know if they check the dates of your vaccination of experience any headaches due to these restrictions?  What are y'all experience and what should I expect?


Re: COVID Restrictions into Washington DC

Top Contributor

Hmmm, I wonder how they could possibly check each and every one of the thousands of people entering the city every day? They'd need a dedicated workforce of hundreds or more.


Answer: they can't and don't.


Illinois has similar restrictions. I've flown into both Chicago airports maybe a dozen times

since the restrictions were mandated.

1) How many times was i checked -- never

2) How many times did I see anyone being checked - never.


The reality is that aside from Hawaii the restrictions are all talk and no action.

Re: COVID Restrictions into Washington DC

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I understand that there is a pandemic, and I've been very pro-mask. However, I do not understand how these travel restrictions are Constitutional. The power to regulate interstate commerce is specifically reserved to the Federal government.