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Cabo San Lucas Airport Boarding

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Plain and simple, the Mexican gate agents either don't care or don't get it that the boarding number is your priority in line. I travel to Cabo several times a year, hit and miss, yesterday 10/5/19 was another miss. A-18 meant nothing, you line up as you get in line 1-30. No big deal but it is not Southwest until you step on the aircraft!


Re: Cabo San Lucas Airport Boarding

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Hey there,


Sorry for the frustration and "misses." Be sure to share this with the airline via this link so they can review these procedures and ensure boarding is fair for all.


Please feel free to reach out here for any further assistance.

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Re: Cabo San Lucas Airport Boarding

Aviator A

If you didn’t already I would use the “contact us” by email or mail to let Southwest know about the experience. The local staff may not be up to speed on the procedures and in need of an update.


i haven’t flown in there myself. They seemed to have it down on my trips to CUN and PVR.



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Re: Cabo San Lucas Airport Boarding

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Hello. Is this still the case out of SJD? Debating on whether buying Business Select would be a waste of money if there are no boarding guidelines. 

Re: Cabo San Lucas Airport Boarding

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@foleybird Buying Business Select just for the boarding position???  Save yourself a ton of money and but Wanna Get Away and then purchase an upgraded boarding position at the gate.