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Can 2 Minors checkin themselves on a return flight?

Explorer C

Can 2 minors, 17&16, check in themselves on a return flight? They have a summer event. I plan on flying out with them and dropping them off. I’ll fly back the same day. The idea is that they fly back by them selves a week later. They will be 12 miles from the airport. They’ve flown before and I’ll make sure they know some of the details of flying and getting around on the way out that they may not have paid attention to before. I'll make sure they have a cab to get to pick them up and get back to the airport.


Re: Can 2 Minors checkin themselves on a return flight?

Aviator A

Since they are over 11 years old they can travel alone no add on fees and no parent required to check them in. Back when I was under 18 it asked me to enter my parents information to book the flight but that's just in case of an emergency I checked in and boarded just like any adult passenger back in those days. 


Also since they are under 18 they don't need any ID to get through security but it doesn't hurt to have a school ID just in case.