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Can’t move to front row on through flight even w paid for A boarding

Explorer C

Flight 2538 going through Houston on to Austin. Flight attend would not let us move to front row. I explained I had paid for A boarding but she said all 6 empty seats needed to be saved for preboarsing. (None were used till preboarsing seemed to be complete and some didn’t fill till the plane was half full). What’s the point of paying?!?  And so much for southwests NICE stewards. That day appears to be gone. Additionally on first leg from okc to Houston someone hit the call button right after descent began 30 minutes away and she told them to turn it off unless it was an emergency. No turbulence.   Someone didn’t want to work and wanted only to order others around. 


Re: Can’t move to front row on through flight even w paid for A boarding

Frequent Flyer A

@Sman ,

sorry about your front row issue. I have not seen the crew hold those seats for others, but I am rarely on a flight with a stop and no plane change. 


As for the second issue, FAA regulations require everyone to be seated in the descent, even flight attendants.  If one had gotten up, the pilot would have had to pull up and circle more.  I know it seems like they are not helping but government rules have their seats tied (instead of their hands).  One time, the air conditioning condensation was pouring on me during takeoff and I got the bell, not knowing what was going on and they explained why they couldn’t get up over the intercom and told me to turn off my light unless it was a true emergency.  They came down after cruising altitude was reached and explained why.  I was soaking wet at that pint, but I understood that they don’t control that part of the aircraft.  


Sorry for the problems on your trip — fortunately HOU to AUS isn’t far (and that is often my mantra on flights.).  Flying comes with its challenges but I am glad not to be a pioneer person.  

Re: Can’t move to front row on through flight even w paid for A boarding

Aviator A

There could have been an expectation that some prebaorders who need the front row were coming but for some reason they missed the flight.


Maybe the crew was working on a quick turnaround and didn't want people moving even though this is normally allowed. (Obey instructions from flight crew supersedes in that case.)


Or it was one of those days as you've speculated - we won't really be able to find out now, but normally you would be able to move around and reseat as far as I know this could include the front row unless the crew was expecting a preboarder that needed the front row in which case you'd be asked to relocate if you did move.


Hopefully you were able to find another appealing spot and your future flights go more smoothly.



Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: Can’t move to front row on through flight even w paid for A boarding

Adventurer A

I've seen this before but handled much that after the pre-board situation has been evaluated for the next flight, the FA would then allow you to move, They also should have allowed at least one of the bulkhead rows to be used by the through passengers after the headcount...really burns you when the bulkhead is held for the fake ESAs...