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Canceled flights by SW Where is our check-in bag's

Explorer C

Our flight to Houston was canceled, the plane we were supposed to get on, every left the gate for the 8 or so hours we waited to finally hear that the flight was canceled. Alot of false hope that was given during that time, the final blow was to hear the phase "your bags are going to your final destination". How can this be, if all flights going to Houston were canceled? This is more than a meltdown!! And no one can confirm or tell us where our check in bags are! It would sure be nice to know where we need to go to get are those bags! 


Re: Canceled flights by SW Where is our check-in bag's

Aviator A

@3-10 wrote:

Astohysicists are studying the behavior of black holes. They are using the blackhole of SWA baggage handling to learn about real black holes. 

Best of luck!

And you say my responses aren't helpful