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Carry On Bags - Do the Wheels Count?

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I understand carry on bags can be 16 x 10 x 24....but does that include the wheels? I'm finding different answers. Some say yes, while others say no that the handles and wheels are considered an extruding part? I normally just check my bags, but due to potential weather/flight delays I want to carry on only so that everything is with me in the event my connecting right is affected.  Help!


Re: Carry On Bags - Do the Wheels Count?

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You'll find a measuring box like this at the airport:




The box itself does consider the wheels to be a part of the dimensions of the bag. The same goes for the overhead bins as well. Personally, I would make sure that the entire suitcase, including wheels, matches those dimensions for it to be a carry-on. I'm sure there may be some leeway when it comes to the dimensions, but I would try to not be in that gray area. I don't think Southwest agents will physically measure your bag, but the overhead bins do only have a limited amount of space and you want to make sure your bag fits completely.

Re: Carry On Bags - Do the Wheels Count?

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In reality, no one is going to measure your bag. If it's reasonably close to traditional carry-on size you'll be fine.



Re: Carry On Bags - Do the Wheels Count?

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To answer your question: wheels do not count.