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Carry On size

New Arrival

So, I just purchased a cooler to use as a carry-on so we will have it while on vacation. I won't be using it as a cooler for the flight, just used to carry headphones, phone chargers, beach towel, etc.  I realize it states 10 x 16 x 24 inches, but my question is, I noticed mine is 10 1/2 x  13 x 16. Do you think that 1/2" will matter?


Re: Carry On size

Top Contributor

I've never seen a Southwest employee use a tape measure on a bag. If it is WAY TOO big, it might get noticed, but not a half inch.


You should be fine.

Re: Carry On size

Rising Star

Not sure why that smallest dimension would matter.   The length is the most critical, so the bin can shut.  And even then,  many people put their oversized bags on sideways to cheat.