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Carry-on Computer

New Arrival

Hello, I'm going to be moving and will be flying to my new destination. So, I'm going to have to bring my desktop computer with me and am wondering if I'll be allowed to bring it with me as a carry-on item (to place on the overhead storage). It's dimensions are 22x10x19 inches. 


Re: Carry-on Computer

Top Contributor

The "official" size limit is 10x16x24, but you'll be fine. You are close enough to the standard that no one will notice. Besides, I've never seen the airline size check a carry on, and you would not believe the "whale" sized items that people bring on board - far, far bigger than 22x10x19.


Make sure that you get on the plane early enough that there is remaining overhead storage.

The last few flights I have taken have been full and the late boarders had to gate check items.