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Chances of sitting together...

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My wife and I are flying from Philadlephia to Floriday tomorrow afternoon.  I checked in on the second, but still wound up with B33 and B34 somehow, first time I've never gotten A.  My wife has some pretty severe anxiety, so not sitting together would be rough.


At this point my only option to guarantee anything is to hope they have unsold slots available at the gate for priority boarding and pay there.  Barring that, in your experience in the current B33 position, is there a decent chance we would sit together.  I understand it's going to be further back and all, but as long as we sit together it would be fine.


Any input is much appreciated...thanks in advance!


Re: Chances of sitting together...

Adventurer C

I think you have a decent chance of sitting together. You will be the 93rd and 94th person on the plane that usually has around 150 seats. 

Re: Chances of sitting together...

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Possibly true but probably not. Preboarders and families would also board ahead of them.

Re: Chances of sitting together...

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Here is the link to a past thread with some numbers as part of a similar question:

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: Chances of sitting together...

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I agree that I think you will be fine and that there will be seats together.


Note that there are so many A Listers now and folks who buy Early Bird that getting the mid-B section is very common for folks who do not have status or purchase EBCI.


You could also consider using the medical pre-board option, especially if her anxiety is severe.

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Re: Chances of sitting together...

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Just join the list of the other dozen preboard fakers.

Re: Chances of sitting together...

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@paguy215  did you end up sitting together? 

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