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Check In Error 403599307

Explorer C

Checking in to a flight from STL to JAX through mobile app, but keep getting an error that reads "Boarding pass can be obtained at airport, Mobile boarding pass in not available.  Error: 403599307 ZVF1nBHIQKCNdE1fBGEPEA-API."  Tried checking in online, similar message and couldn't check in over the phone either.  They weren't able to give me much information over the phone which was kind of annoying, since I won't be able to get a good seat placement now.  Has anybody ever dealt with this before?  I haven't changed any information on my Southwest account, and everything is showing correctly on there as well. 


Re: Check In Error 403599307

Explorer C

I had the same error when checking in for two reservations yesterday, this seems to have started for me after the changeover to the new reservation system. Any ideas of a resolution?

Re: Check In Error 403599307

Explorer C

Same thing happened to me twice!  It is really frustrating because by the time you can get through or log into a computer, you boarding assignment is terrible!  Southwest needs to fix this if they want people to use their apps!

Re: Check In Error 403599307

Explorer C

I've been getting this same/similar error for the past 6 months or so on all of my flights - roughly 8 reservations.  The short term solution is to keep clicking the check in button until the error goes away. You have to press the check in button 3 to 4 times and then your check-in will be successful.  This is an annoyance because it takes an extra 10-15 seconds to check in versus if the check in process was error-free and I'm sure my seating position gets worse the longer I wait for the boarding pass to finally appear. This error needs to be addressed.  

Re: Check In Error 4Error detail 1: 8d607f9a-943c-4bd3-86d8-e086a8ee606b : 400999999

Explorer B

I continue to get this error message whenever I try to check in.  It happened after the calendar issues were corrected.

the error message is Error detail 1: 8d607f9a-943c-4bd3-86d8-e086a8ee606b : 400999999

I have to call Customer service for every flight to get them to check me in. 

SOOO frustrating!!!!!

Re: Check In Error 4Error detail 1: 8d607f9a-943c-4bd3-86d8-e086a8ee606b : 400999999

Aviator A

There are so many errors these days. Even by Southwest standards, it's ridiculous.


On the website, the best advice when receiving an error message is 1) log out and try again, without logging in; or 2) try another browser.