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Check In Suggestion

New Arrival

We had a flight out of San Antonio on Friday night.  On the way to the airport, we get a text that the flight was delayed but we still decided to go to the airport to check in.  When we got there,  the agents insisted we use the kiosk or go to the "full service" line.  We tried the kiosk and it was not working for us.  They didn't understand why.  So we went to the full service line only to stand there for about 45 minutes.  The issue came down to another line for rewards members and higher priorty customers.  They refused to call us up if someone was in that line DESPITE everyone having to wait 45 mins.   I finally go back to the kiosk to try again and I see a supervisor at the counter standing around "talking."  So I go up and explain to him that we had been in line for 45 minutes and the kiosk was not working like it should.  He asked for our driver's license and checked our reservation. He said "I see what the problem is... you are here too early to check in via the kiosk"  You will need to go back to the full service line.  Then I said... this process is a joke. You have people standing around waiting for customers to finish their kiosk reservation to check in bags but when they have NOTHING TO DO, they can't help facilitate the full service line check in???  So i turn and walked away. One of the agents heard me and called us over and told us we were right. They should be helping everyone and decided to check us in.  She apologized for our experience.  My recommendation is the creation of a policy that basically says "If you have to time to talk, you have time to work."   All agents not helping a customer should be working the full service line.

You are paying people to work that apparently wasting a lot of time talking waiting for kiosk customers to finsh checking themselves in and need luggage check in.  


Re: Check In Suggestion

Rising Star

Given that this is a customer community, I suggest you use the contact us link below to provide this feedback directly to SW. They can route your feedback to the appropriate internal personnel.

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