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Re: Check in using mobile app


I found out that this error happens when the flight is in the process of being opened up in our reservations system as "ready for check-in." The solution is to try again, because it resolves itself in 10-15 seconds.


Our Mobile Team has put in the request to update the message with more clarity and inform  Customers of what they need to do (which is to try again in a few). Hope that helps!

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Re: Check in using mobile app

Explorer C

I have had this exact problem everytime I try to check in for a flight for the last year and a half, at least. I doesn't matter if I try to check in (hit the retrieve reservation button) 1 second after the 24 hours starts, or 10 seconds or 10 minutes, I get the message below. (photo is also attached). I hit OK, try again and get the same message. I hit OK, and then the 3rd time I try to check in it lets me. The problem is by now you have moved down the A and B boarding position 'food chain' quite a bit.

Any help or ideas welcome. It must be a problem with my phone as I can check in from another iPhone (same model with same IOS) no problem.

        Sorry! We can't check you into this flight. Please see a gate agent.

        Error: 400308192 (05337BDA-B3AC-4431-8B6F-134624601FA4:KF0tt4a2T7yt6Gj-  FldDKFA:ios)

I have uninstalled the app and re-installed it. SWA check in error.png