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Checked Bag

Explorer C

As a traveler I expect checked bags to be respected as a valuable item to include accompany the passenger where ever he or she may go.

well delayed flight to due to weather, every southwest agent tried to offer me a flight the next day at 6 pm, and the news is showing the next day weather would be even worse. So I kept informing them I will travel to Atlanta and scheduled a latter flight since my connection flight departed before even leaving Austin Texas has already gone.

Well southwest staff took it upon themselves to remove my bag from the aircraft as I flew to Atlanta. The baggage service at Atlanta was horrible, a lounging area for employees, hanging out, with only 1 southwest employee “a lady” working. The working lady tried to find my bag, yet no one would answer the phone and one employee said no one never answers. She got on the computer and 20 minutes later told me my bag is still in Austin. That’s in direct violation of FAA and TSA rules, the bag must accompany the traveler.
Tried to speak with a southwest rep or supervisor and all counters were closed being it’s midnight. So on my way to a hotel room at my cost, with no luggage or basic toiletries. Thank god for putting a tooth brush in my back pack.

Now its day 2 bag left Austin at 650 am flight never offered, to Richmond, gate rep said my bag will be in Richmond before me, same thing the baggage service center said, last night. At least their consistent.

had to take another day of leave from work, reschedule my direct tv and Veterans affairs medical appt because I am still in Atlanta wearing the same dirty under wear and clothes, clothes smell like BO, Un combed hair, and an attitude. No I tried to be very soft spoken and nice yet the I’ll trained employee on proper customer courtesy and company drive to excel to be better and make the worst experience as much painless as possible makes you wonder why the free check in luggage offer. All I wanted to do is get away and get home, well I got away and getting home has cost me 10 times the cost of the ticket.


Re: Checked Bag

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