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Checked baggage with multi city booking

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I have a question that I've gotten mixed answers from when I talked to a number of southwest customer service representatives.


My family and I are going to Hawaii and we are flying out of Grand Rapids.  The only way it would let me is if I booked a multi city route.  So, I am flying from Grand Rapids to San Jose and then San Jose to Maui (all within the same day).  Once we land in San Jose we have less than an hour to make our flight to Maui.  


My question/concern is, do we need to get our checked bags in San Jose and then then re-check our bags and go through security again or will Southwest send our bags straight through to Maui?  Before I booked I called to confirm that they could sent our bags straight from Grand Rapids to Maui (otherwise we wouldn't make our flight from San Jose to Maui).


Now they tell me I might have to go get our bags and re-check in and go through security so I am confused as to how this works.


Anybody have any experience with this?  Will Southwest send our bags direct from Grand Rapids to Maui without us having to claim them in San Jose?




Re: Checked baggage with multi city booking

Top Contributor

The agent at Grand Rapids should be able to check your bag all the way to Maui. 


I have done multi city tickets with checked bags several times. The biggest thing is you would need to visit the full service ticket counter not the kiosk and the agent should be able to assist. 


Enjoy Maui!



Re: Checked baggage with multi city booking

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This has become a common issue for people traveling to Hawaii and it appears check-in desk agents have become more accustomed to the request as compared to the phone agents who may not have as much experience with issues like this. Numerous reports from other Hawaii travelers indicate you're very likely to have the bags checked through to your final destination without any issues. My personal experience is that sometimes you do have to be a tad persistent and allow a little extra time in case the agent needs to get assistance from a supervisor. As @bec102896 said you will need to use the full service desk, not a kiosk or curbside check in.


Enjoy Hawaii!