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Checked luggage size?

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I'm considering buying this set from Costco' however, the large bag is 29”H x 21”W x 12.5”D + 2” Expansion. With expansion, the total size is 62.5" and with expansion, the total size is 65.5". Should I look at getting a different set? Or would I be able to check the large bag in? Thank you!

Re: Checked luggage size?

Top Contributor

Looks like a typical checked bag. Technically the linear length is over by half an inch but I'm not sure that you would be turned away or assessed the oversize fee or not. 


My other worry would be filling it too full and going over the weight, especially with it starting out at 10 lbs.


I guess the technical answer would be that if there is another set of luggage you are considering that is under the dimension limit it may be a better choice, but you may or may not get called on the dimensions if you use this one.





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