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Checking In Multiple Passengers at Different Times Question

New Arrival

My mom and I bought our tickets together. However, I will be getting to the airport earlier than her tomorrow in order to attend a meeting via Zoom. I wanted to check-in and get through security so I can settle in and start my meeting. Am I allowed to check-in separately then her even though we are in the same party?


Re: Checking In Multiple Passengers at Different Times Question

Rising Star

Short answer: yes.  Even if you are booked together, you can full travel "alone."


A couple of notes:

  • If you are truly booked on the same confirmation number, one of you can check in online 24 hours out, and you guys should get sequential boarding positions.
  • From there, you can choose to capture your mobile boarding passes, or you can choose to check in again to check bags and get printed boarding passes at the airport (together or separately).

Enjoy your trip! I understand the art of balancing airport logistics and conference calls! 🙂


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