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Checking baggage

Explorer C

Hi! I was wondering if someone could clear up a few things for me ? I have not been on a plane for over 10 years so i do not know much. I have a flight in May and according to the website we are allowed 2 free checked bags per ticket. Does this mean we can have 2 bags checked for cargo hold and then we may also have our carry on luggage or is our carry on luggage included in the 2 free checked bags ?


Re: Checking baggage

Aviator C

@Tuttyfruity90  the 2 checked bags do get loaded into the belly of the plane. Your carry on items do not count towards the checked bags. One thing to keep in mind, one carry on bag and 1 personal belongings (purse). Over head bins do fill up, so plan ahead. 


Have a a great flight! 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion