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Re: Clear Service. Why?

Aviator A

Seems like more of a conversation to be had with Clear and/or the Las Vegas Airport administration. Perhaps Clear could explain why they are using that line? My previous interaction with Clear customer service on Twitter was good, you could send them a note or contact them another way if you don't use Twitter. 

Re: Clear Service. Why?

Aviator A

@FlyoverNurse wrote:

...An additional service to literally push ahead through the line seems ridiculous.


Why don’t they have their own lines? I was rudely pushed out of the way by a full grown man, and it did not make me happy. 

I can only commisserate that it was pretty rude to barge through like that, and I'm not "clear" that they are entitled to go to the front of any line anyway, the Fly-By benefit for instance is to get in the shorter line, but not bypass a line.


Maybe they were really late for their flight or some other urgent reason they disregarded common courtesy.

I'm racking my memory about that TSA checkpoint though, I'll have to keep an eye out for the Clear station next time, not that it would help the rude behaviour you experienced.


I'd recommend Global Entry for you if you don't have it or PreCheck already to stay clear of Clear in the future.

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