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Colorado Springs - Denver- Costa Rica

Explorer C

Will I have to go through customs twice and check bags in Denver again? Departing COS to DEN, then onto to Costa Rica. Could someone comment on how this works on Southwest? Thanks in advance. 🙂


Re: Colorado Springs - Denver- Costa Rica

Aviator A

You don't go through customs in the United States when departing the United States so you will check bags at COS and see them again at your final destination. On the return you will get your bags and clear customs at your first stop in the United States. You will then recheck your bags after customs and get them again at COS.


Hopefully that clears things up 



Re: Colorado Springs - Denver- Costa Rica

Frequent Flyer A

There's often a side spot to pickup/re-check bags for those connecting internally within the US. Hope this helps!

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