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Companion Booking getting boarding pass with me

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Has southwest finally updated the system to let companions get boarding priority with A-Lister?  Flying MCO to STL tomorrow on a fairly full flight. I’m A~Preferred & got. A20. My husband, who is companion & not on same reservation got A21 & checked in 30 minutes late. 


Re: Companion Booking getting boarding pass with me

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It looks like starting back in January they started testing assigning companions sequential boarding positions with A Listers hopefully its a permanent thing. The last 8 companion reservations I have done this year have all been sequential numbers. 



Re: Companion Booking getting boarding pass with me

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THEY HAVE.  This has been another example (even though later than promised) of how they continue to do things for their customers.  I've already flown on 2 flights as an A-Lister and whatever my boarding number is, my wife is the next number.   No more getting up at 6 am to do the 24 hours in advance check-in for her.    True story, we were once on Martha's Vineyard Island doing a run on the trails when her reminder to check-in came up.  Because of limited service we had to run to higher ground and to an open space to finally get a signal just to check in 24 hours in advance....   This is a great feature and will be the reason I will always work towards getting my A list.  

Re: Companion Booking getting boarding pass with me

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Those on the same reservation as an A-Lister receive sequential positions. This is an announced, official benefit that's been around for a while.


Companions are currently receiving sequential positions from their Companion Pass Holder, regardless of status, even though they are on separate confirmations. This hasn't been officially announced yet, but is in a "testing" phase, and should be announced soon -- along with appropriate details/limitations, etc.