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Complaint and praise

New Arrival

So I'll start with the complaint. I checked into my flight from LAX to STL on the mobile app 24 hours before my flight. Morning of the flight the reservation is gone, so I immeadetely call customer service and learned that my reservation was changed in error due to someone having a similar name. A new reservation was created to restore my original flight, but I had to complete things at the airport. A hour later, that reservation was gone, so I called back and it was inadvertly cancelled but able to be restored. I get to the airport to complete the check in and it takes an hour because addition work and wait time. I finally get my boarding pass and am good to go, but I lost the early bird check in I had before and my flight is delayed an hour.

The praise is that the Southwest staff I worked with were helpful and did get things figured out. I hope I do not see an operational error like this ever again!


Re: Complaint and praise

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear you lost your EB check in because of this system cancellation 


you could reach out to customer relations and they can see what happened and why it kept canceling your tickets and might be able to issue you a refund or voucher for the EB since you didn't get the product you paid for. To contact the, you can call 855-234-4654 or email them by clicking on the contact us link at the bottom of the southwest homepage or you could send a DM on twitter to southwest and they can look in to this 


glad that they were able to get your reservation taken care of without any big issues