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I had the worst experience with southwest and I am a veteran who has flown many times. Will never fly with them again. They didn’t have assigned seating which was fine but I was last to get a seat and even that’s ok. But there wasn’t a seat available. The crew didn’t know what to do didn’t offer help or to do anything about it. There was a larger lady who had purchased two tickets for herself that actually gave me her extra seat. This lady bought two for a reason and bless her for squeezing and being uncomfortable with me for the 3 hour and 25 min flight. But she shouldn’t have had to do that. I also paid for a full seat not 1/4 of one. It was horrible and the fact none of the crew cared once I was sitting they didn’t care about anything else. I called to complain and they said they can give me $100 voucher. Which that’s nice but why would I want to ever fly with south west again. Unfortunately I already booked my flight back home with them months ago and asked if they can use the $100 and take it off my purchase I already made. They said no but come fly with us again. Yeah no next time I’d rather walk. 


Re: Complaint

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Sorry that you had an unpleasant experience Since this is a customer to customer forum, it might be more appropriate to file your complaint withcstomer relations at :855-234-4654 .


That being said, what was the airline supposed to do? For whatever reason the plane appears to heave been oversold. There were no "extra" seats to give you. You did get a seat - admittedly not  good one. The airline did try to do the right thing by providing you with a vouchure for your inconvenience.


The aletrnative would have been to bump you and not let you get on the plane and book you on a later flight.

Re: Complaint


We're so sorry to hear this @Chaddbettencour. As a peer-to-peer support forum, we aren't equipped to assist you here, but we encourage you to follow the steps below to reach out via official Customer Service channels. Thanks!


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Re: Complaint

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I take it this was your very first flight with Southwest Airlines. Southwest does not, and has never had, assigned seating. So let's get that out of the way. 


<<But there wasn't a seat available.>>


Yet you got on the plane somehow? How can that be? What was your ticket number? Seat assignments are based on when you check in 24 hours ahead of the flight and go from A1-A60, B1-B60, and C1-C60. My guess is that you did not understand the boarding process, or you were very late to the airport / gate, or you were quite unlucky and got the very last assignment of C60 when you checked in for the flight, to board at the very end of the flight process. Was the plane oversold (which is common)? Was the second seat 'purchased' by the lady really meant for you since there was 'no other seat' by the time you got on the plane? Or did you just not want to sit in a middle seat? This story is missing a few pieces of the puzzle. 



Re: Complaint

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I wasn’t late to my gate or boarding I had checked in and happened to get one of the c seats. And there was literally no more seats. I would have sat in the middle on the floor idc I would of stood the whole time rather then be squished and practically sitting on top of someone. The bigger lady had two tickets she showed me and the crew. Idk what happened all I know is I paid for a seat just like everyone else. The situation was handled so poorly and unprofessional and it was a great way to start off my vacation. 

Re: Complaint

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I wonder if they had a last minute craft swap?  Normally, they would not have said they had a seat, but maybe the computer system did not catch up with craft swap.  Some of the older 737s have only 4 seats on the exit row whereas most 737s have six seats.  


I am sorry this happened to you and the lady you were sitting next to.  This is not typical, so I hope you will give the, another chance someday.