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Complete disaster and still stranded

Explorer C

We are from Southern California and travel to Coeur d’Alene Idaho (Spokane airport GEG is closest) every year to see my mother and father for Christmas . This year was a big one  because I planned on proposing to my girlfriend of 4 years. We started travel on the 23rd of December  out of BUR (Burbank airport) landed in Sacramento as planed. The connecting flight was delayed 1 hour because lack of crew. We finally made it with no issues but we should have seen this as foreshadowing for the next events to come. On the 25th my future mother in-law was supposed to take the exact same flight plan as we did ( BUR to SMF to GEG) . I wanted her to be there while I proposed to her daughter. Her first flight was canceled but her second was still viable so we scrambled to get her to Sacramento airport somehow to make the connecting flight. WE purchased a ticket out of lax. I had to call one of my best friends on Christmas Eve to give her a ride to LAX  Christmas morning which he did without question (I owe him for life). She made it to lax and boarded without issue. Then things started spiraling. In the air about to land in Sacramento with ample time to make her next flight they ended up landing in San Jose airport due to “runway issues”. She missed her connection. She then had to sit on the plane in San Jose for 3 hours until they took off and landed in Sacramento.  We then found a new flight out of Sacramento to Spokane only a couple hours later so we purchased it. That second ticket? CANCELLED! The 3RD ticket we purchased was through delta the next day at 6 am arriving at 1030 ($1,675) My poor mother in law (along with SO MANY OTHERS) spent Christmas Day in an airport. We paid for a hotel so she didn’t have to sleep there as she was in tears and traveling all day alone. The next morning her delta flight went out without issue. She made it and we got her. We had a great day and I made my best friend my fiancé in front of all of our loved ones. 

here is our issue now. All three of us were supposed to fly out today.... all flight canceled. With no flights available, and no one will answer the phone. I had to extend my car rental to make sure we have a way to the airport as my mother lives 1 hour away from Spokane and up the mountain where shuttles or Ubers will not go. 

We are stranded, out $3500 of additional tickets and car rental, and can not get through to southwest. New tickets on other airlines are thousands of dollars (and going fast)  We need help and resolution. If we get credited back we can purchase new tickets but as of now I’m out of money. We are so happy we are engaged and great full that we have a place to stay but southwest has totally  dropped the ball on  us and everyone.  Please make this right. 


Re: Complete disaster and still stranded

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Save receipts. Refunds can be requested here:


Try calling the international help numbers for southwest - they speak English as well:

Re: Complete disaster and still stranded

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Sorry to hear of your troubles.


Southwest has said it would reimburse  reasonable  costs of the type you have incurred. How long will it take? No one knows. You and tens of thousands+ will be asking for refunds and this is not something Southwest has ever done in the past - so it have to invent the methodology on the fly.


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Hope it works out for you.